We support and guide our customers in completing all the relevant export formalities. Once you have obtained your customs declarations, we will monitor your deliveries through the Export Control System and help you fix any possible inconsistency. Should your delivery lack the proper notification of exit, we will promptly submit the necessary documents to the competent office in order to overcome the setback as fast as possible. Furthermore, we can have your warehouses authorized for in-house customs clearance, thus we can manage your export operations both at the custom and at your own warehouses.

  • Exports
  • Outward processing
  • Carnets TIR
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  • Temporary admission
  • ATR movement certificates
  • EUR1 movement certificates
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  • Internal and external transit
  • Re-exportations
  • Transit and export bond


Being an Authorized Economic Operator means that both we and our customers can benefit from a number of direct and indirect advantages such as:

  • Reduced controls on your goods
  • In-house customs clearance
  • Priority treatment of goods if selected for controls
  • Easier access to customs simplifications
  • Mutual recognition
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Cut Time and Costs

Thanks to the AEO status our clients have a number of benefits including less controls, priority goods examining, easiest access to customs simplifications, mutual recognition etc.

Customs Reliability

It is easier for our customers to become eligible and apply for the AEO certification since they will automatically acquire - through us - the necessary practical standards and customs expertise.

Global Assistance

We offer consultancy for every customs related issue and assist our clients throughout their AEO and Approved Exporter applications. We offer our guidance to obtain customs warehousing and VAT authorizations.